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Every girl deserves to choose her own future.

Educating a girl means changing the world — not just her world, but the world she lives in. When women are healthy and educated, they are more likely to have fewer, healthier children, live longer, delay marriage, and make up to 20% more per year of schooling.

For this reason, Beauty Chews is proud to partner with She’s the First, a non-profit that makes sure girls are educated, respected and heard.

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Every time you purchase one of our products, you are not only helping your skin, you are also supporting girls become the first of their family to graduate and become the future leaders of this world.

By partnering with She’s the First and with your help, we can directly impact a girls life, so that they can grow up and change the world around them. Thank you for helping us create a better world!

Click here to help us educate and empower women through your purchase at Beauty Chews!

Or learn more about She’s the First amazing impact here.

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