What Are Free Radicals And Why Are They Bad For Your Skin?

Free Radicals and Skin
Let’s go ahead and start with the bad news first.  Free radicals are a huge reason why we are aging faster than our grandparents before us.  You can’t see them, but your skin is constantly under attack by damaging molecules that come from our environment. You can only imagine that in this modern world, in the age of industries and technology, we are facing more damage than ever.

What Are Free Radicals?

First, It's super important to understand that the concept of free radicals aging our bodies is proven science. This isn't holistic woo-woo theoretical pseudo-science where all of life's problems can be solved by drinking a detox tea.  By having a good understanding of free radicals, and how YOU can prevent them, you can essentially biohack your body to age gracefully for years to come.
So let's start with an easy to digest definition of a free radical from Mr. Webster's dictionary himself.


Free Radical: An especially reactive atom that has unpaired electrons, from an outside source (such as tobacco smoke, toxins, or pollutants) that can damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure.

Okay, if you haven't heard of an unpaired electron before don't sweat it. The important take away here is that free radicals can damage cells, proteins and even DNA. 

Where Do Free Radicals Come From?

Free radicals come from the sun, pollution, computer and phone screens, toxins, stress and more. We are literally exposed to several times more toxins than any generation before us.  For this reason, our bodies are aging on a cellular level faster than any other generation.  If we leave it unchecked we are going to look like our cute grandmas sooner rather than later.
Preventing free radical damage to skin

How Does Free Radical Damage Contribute to Looking Older?

Collagen is the primary protein responsible for young, bouncy, beautiful skin.  We are constantly bombarded with cellular damage from free radicals, resulting in the breakdown of this collagen. Our bodies can't possibly thrive to look young and vibrant when it's putting all energy toward repairing the excessive damage being done day after day.
Preventing free radical damage to skin

How Can We Stop Premature Aging?

Whew, onto the good news! Let us introduce your new best friend, antioxidants.   If free radicals are the villain, antioxidants are the heroes because they neutralize free radicals before they get a chance to damage and age the body.  How? By donating one of their electrons to atoms missing an electron (how noble!).  Once the free radicals unpaired electron becomes balanced, it no longer needs to destroy the components in healthy cells.
Preventing free radical damage to skin

Antioxidants and Skin

The question becomes, where can we these antioxidants? Fruits and vegetables right?
A diet full of vibrant fruits and vegetables is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for healthy, glowing skin.   Unfortunately, since we are exposed to an unnatural amount of free radicals in today's environment, they cannot be countered with a natural amount of antioxidants found naturally in our diet.

Thankfully, humans are an innovative and intelligent species (sometimes), and we have identified specific ingredients in nature with extreme antioxidant properties.  We then learned how to extract those ingredients, concentrate them and put them in supplements. This allows us to get an unnatural amount of antioxidants into our bodies for supreme protection.

This is a huge deal because we can now restore balance on this timeless battle that is the root of our accelerated aging problems caused by this highly toxic world we live in.

Preventing free radical damage to skin

Picking the Right Supplement

It’s vital to understand that not all antioxidant supplements are equal.  Since the FDA does not regulate ingredients, many brands can get away with selling creams, serums, and supplements with virtually no active antioxidants.


We started Beauty Chews so we could have control over the quality and stability of our ingredients. In a world where anyone can claim anything about their product, it is more important than ever to buy from trusted sources, *especially*with supplements. Everything we put in our product has been thoroughly tested for stability and active ingredients.

The best part is we have identified the strongest antioxidant in nature and we've put it into a delicious gummy.  If you have not taken antioxidant supplements now is the time to start. Taking high doses of antioxidants will not only prevent accelerated aging but also reverse the damage that has been done over the years.

A better, healthier world starts today.  Let's all age gracefully together, starting with the highest quality, most effective and powerful antioxidant available.

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